Apr 032013

How to Recruit More Volunteers from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Are you employees struggling with their workload? Want to recruit more volunteers to partner with your mission of saving lives? Mike Arms gives a few, easy tips on how to frame your volunteer pitches, plus generating word of mouth so your current volunteers recruit from their own circle of family and friends to help your organization.

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Mar 062013

Increasing Footsteps Increases Adoptions

Increasing Foot Traffic and Visitors to Your Facility or Event

Increasing Footsteps Increases Adoptions from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Mike Arms shares his tips that will guarantee more pet adoptions for your animal facility or pet rescue. If you have a facility, or operate out of adoption events at other sites, these tips will increase foot traffic to your adoptable animals, thereby increasing your animal adoptions.

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Dec 202012

Building a Facility (Part Two) from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Now that you have done your homework for your prospective facility, what next steps do you take? How do you engage contractors, subcontractors and architects? How do you make sure that your internal systems such as drainage and air-flow do not compromise your ability to do adoptions?

Mike spells out some quick tips on how to begin answering these important questions. Plus, he shares a building tip that has saved him “hundreds of thousands of dollars!”

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Dec 072012

Building a Facility (Part One) from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

If you are thinking about building a new facility, or upgrading your existing facility, it’s very important to do your homework first. Have you asked these questions:

Can your community support a capital campaign for your project? What is the goal of your facility? How will this new building facilitate your organization’s mission?

Watch for more tips on how to navigate this important, but sometimes stressful, topic.

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Sep 252012

Add “Saving Lives” To Your Goal from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Do you know how many lives you saved on this day last year? Do you have daily goals to empower your staff to save more lives? We as human beings like to know what the objective is. And your staff members really want to know, is what is their goal, what is their objective?

Is it just to come in and clean and feed and care for the pets? Or do we want to come in clean, feed, care for the pets and find quality homes as quickly as possible?

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Aug 312012

Think Like Retail: Business Hours and Holidays from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Did you know that having the right business hours can make a huge impact in pet adoption? Do you have business hours that are convenient for your potential clients? Are you open holidays when families are out and about?

Thinking like a retail store can drastically increase pet adoption and make money for your organization. Learn tips from Mike on how and why staying open when it’s convenient for your clients can help you save more lives.

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Aug 172012

Generating Revenue to Support Your Staff from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.

Do you want to support your staff by being able to pay them salaries they deserve? Do you want to be able to give your staff benefits? As I travel and assess organizations, I hear this desire more and more.

Learn ways to make more money so you can pay your staff a deserving wage. This job is an extremely emotional and physical job. Let’s support our staff by thinking more creatively and using business practices to generate more funds.

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Jul 182012

Creative Sales Ideas Means More Adoptions from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.


If we think about pet adoption like a business, we discovery that professional AND creative sales techniques will mean more lives saved. In this blog, Mike explains a few of his professional sales ideas that are also a little ‘out of the box!’

Do you collect information from families adopting? Do you know why they are coming in to adopt on any particular day? Do you teach your staff customer service techniques? Did you know there are ways to train your staff in customer relations… for free?

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Jun 272012

Attracting an Exceptional Board of Directors (Part Two) from What Would Mike Say? on Vimeo.


Part Two of a two-part series on ‘How to Attract an Exceptional board of Directors.’

Where do you go to look for new board members? What is the best way to ask someone to sit on your board? How big should a board of directors be?

Mike Arms gives simple tips to start looking for a Board of Directors that will assist your organization in fulfilling its mission of saving lives. For example, just by changing the time of day your meeting takes place may attract more people in serving on your Board.

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